Saturday, February 24, 2007

Getting back on the wagon

Here I am again...
More discipline.

That's all I need. And more sleep. Less screwing around. Less being fearful of what I really can do.

So, I went for my second run this week. 45 minutes. Was beautiful, but not a lot of fun besides that as it seems that my HRM is broken (whatever, man), and I'm a snad out of shape due to the shin splint hiatus. But if it gets me to my goal, so be it. Going to try a 60 min run on Monday. Fingers crossed folks!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I've had it!

Okay, before you all yell at me...

I couldn't take it anymore. I was turning into that bearded-goat-woman-from-hell. I needed to run.

AND, I actually LOOKED at my shin the other night... Turns out the sucker was bruised, probably from me slamming around at work. Bruised right on the bone.

You can see from my workout log, that I was a good patient. I haven't really run for over a week. I've been resting, and icing, and praying. I think I'm good

So, I did it! And it felt great!!! Now I'm stretching my butt off, and hoping that I have dodged a bullet. :)

Also, Rocket Pants and Random Moments... I'm giving serious thought to doing Ashland on 6/17... Whaddya say?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Life is going well, I suppose. It's busy though, and this current job does not give me a whole lot of free time to get stuff done.

PA got slammed with a nasty storm this week. As I was "shoveling" through 3" of sleet and freezing rain (while it was snowing), I was cursing that darn pink line that PA always seems to get stuck in. It *was* a super workout for my back though...

In other news, I have a very slight shin splint. I've had them before, but never had any sensation so close to the bone. So I'm resting it as much as possible (when I'm not shoveling). The last thing I need now is a stress fracture.

Has anyone ever had these? How much pain is it really? I honestly am not sure if I'm being a baby or not.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Race Plan?

Well, it's finally coming to fruition... The ever looming race plan. For once, I let it go until the end of January... Kind of freakish actually.

Workouts are going well. Still struggling a bit with PF, but icing and stretching seem to be keeping it at bay. Doesn't help that my uber nice gel inserts I use for work POPPED the other night. Gah. Suckers are supposed to be guaranteed for life or some such nonsense.

So, to be fair, I only know of three races so far. The others depend on timing (i.e. How fast can I run to make it in time to be in a friend's wedding... Probably not that fast, eh?)

4/22 - Tri for Kid's Sake (Sprint)
4/29 - Runners' World Half Marathon (was my first, for you long time readers...)
8/19 - Timberman Half Ironman

There will likely be some olys thrown in there... maybe a few other running races. For now, I'm trying to tame my bread eating (it's the only thing at work that satiates the hunger), and focusing on toning this new body. Thankfully the weight loss has stabilized!

Hope you are all doing well, and that your builds are going smashingly!