Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas is here!

Phew, I made it.

Actually, I think I might have been getting used to all of that! Crazy.

A wonderful Christmas to you all, and thanks for following me along the way. I'm glad it's over, but I'm stronger for having gone through it.

And the greatest thing is that well, all of the clothes I have no time to wear no longer fit.


Saturday, December 23, 2006

T minus something

Simple math is beyond me.

24 more hours until Christmas is here (yeah yeah, but you get my meaning)

ppl at work are getting a bit punchy though... It's getting pretty hysterical, actually.

In the morning we've been arriving to polish the very expensive wine glasses from the night before. During this time we talk and laugh, sometimes for the last time that day. This morning was no different.

The biggest joke right now? Something crappy happens, and we all say with our most cheerful voices: "Best Christmas ever, Best Christmas ever!" Sounds stupid, but it makes us LAUGH.

Today was crappy money again. Still more than I would have made otherwise. I succumbed to the chinese takeout monster, realizing I wasn't going to make it if I didn't have at least one square today. Chicken (meow) and broccoli hopefully weren't too bad.

One more. Cheers to GhostMonster, err, I mean GhostWriter. You're doin' a bang up job here.

Friday, December 22, 2006

T minus approx. 29 hours

So the report from the endurance course this morning around 9:30 was even more grim than yesterday. Luckily there was no running to the start line again, but after sleeping through two alarms and miserably dragging herself out of bed, the TriZilla monster was sounding an awful lot like Olga the german nurse... I'm telling you, if she can survive these next 29 hours, Ironman will be a WALK IN THE PARK.

So into T1 (the parking lot of the restaurant, remember?) things were moving pretty slowly but the sense of humor appeared to be in tact and the homing device installed in her brain was tracking accurately toward the super duper coffee/espresso mixture reserved only for emergencies. The game plan for the second leg (lunch, will ya keep up!?) was to keep moving thru the severe pain in her feet until she achieved a state of blissful numbness. I'm told this is remains to be seen. We'll need a report on how the game plan panned out for sure.

The other obstacle today was that, despite the great suggestions from yesterday, it turns out that unless you have time to go GET those foods from the store, they don't magically appear in transition when you're ravenously ready to eat. Tri Z reported leaving for the rat race with less than adequate nutrition this morning. And chances are that the gravy train lunch food offered to the double shift divas will be some food about which Morgan Spurlock might decide to make his next documentary. What's a Tri Girl to do?? Answer: lose another pound. Let's hope two whole days off (Sun and Mon) will go a long way toward rest and nourishment. Might not be enough for a full recovery but we'll have to see...

The last challenge right now is that focus and mental toughness are essential...TriZ's gotta work to stay in the moment and not reveal herself to the beast that is this 72 hour endurance event. She reported being full of doubts about her swimming, biking and running...and feeling as though her current training regimen isn't helping her move toward Timberman HIM preparedness. So what say we all chime in and assure her, as best you know how, that once the holidays are over she'll be ready to hit the gym with her svelt athletic physique and start to re-build the machine that will conquer the 70.3 distance come August.

What say you? Offer up some comment love and assure this tri beast that it's all going to be ok...that she's not too late, there's still plenty of time to get her tri geek on and as long as she can endure the mental and physical challenges remaining in 2006, that 2007 will be the best year ever for this Tri Diva!!!

Show me the love, people!!! The Tri monster needs you!!!

Ghostwriter, OUT!



Home. Tired. But I've felt worse.

Made crappy money, but it's more money than I would have made if I had been at home, eh?

Had a great time with some customers - Some ppl are just so nice.

And then there's the one. The ONE female.

Ok, I messed up her dessert. It turns out that we have two (count them) TWO cheesecake specials. I brought out the wrong one. Then I got it right. Went back a min later to see if she liked it. She points at it and says, "CHEESECAKE!" And gives me this LOOK.

I look her square in the face, smiling (sorta). "Ma'am, I promise you, I don't make the same mistake twice. That is what you ordered."

I swear. People.

And then you have the lovely couple at lunch that you just want to hug because they remind you of your grandparents. So sweet.

I'm going to bed. Thanks for the suggestions on food, guys, keep 'em coming! Today was a little better since we got Isaac's (a local deli) for "lunch."

Only 2 more doubles until Christmas! Wahhhhhoooooooo!!!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Well, the report from the endurance front was grim (still 60 hours to go) but positive this morning. Seems there was some trouble transitioning from T1 (bed) into the car leg of the rat race so the arrival at T2 (the parking lot of the restaurant) was a bit rushed with hair flying every which way and phone cord dangling from her neck as she succesfully multitasked with a phone call from the car to one of those loved ones referred to in the previous post. And you thought it was hard to get out of your wetsuit while running to T1!!

We won't hear a report on how the second leg (lunch shift) of the day went until around midnight tonight when the third leg (dinner shift) is finally finished so you'll have to wait on the edge of your seat until then. The bigger issue is the nutrition/calorie intake in between legs two and three (actually this is seeming more like a stage race...) You see, the 12 lbs. of weight loss stems from the fact that T3, which is supposed to be lunch, is staffed by a bunch of pizza eating, junk food guzzling, non-sporty types who insist on making fast food FAST. There's just no time as our endurance athlete runs by the table to get enough healthy calories in.

Here's where TriZilla needs your help. We need suggestions of High Calorie, HEALTHY foods that can be downed in the blink of an eye to sustain activities like running up and down stairs with large trays of food for 14 hours at a time (no joke - 10am to 12 am). One suggestion is loaded baked potatoes but while eating them fast seems doable, making them fast is another issue. And they don't taste all that good when re-heated or eaten cold... There's also a vote for "Ultra Fuel" bottled energy drink. Packed with 400 calories/bottle, this sounds like a winner. We need to hit at LEAST 2000 calories/day...the 1200 average of late is just not cutting it. All suggestions greatly appreciated.

Until later, Ghostwriter OUT!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Okay, folks, here we go.

Some of you asked what I am doing now. Well, it seems that now is a terrible time to find a teaching job, so I've returned to a restuarant that I used to work for. It's fine dining, so lots of time dealing with semi-normal ppl, making lots of money, recovering from grad school trauma.

So far all of those things are happening. As it turns out it is also an endurance sport. I've been working doubles out the ass, so basically there is no time to:
pay bills
do laundry
make laundry
work out (except at work)
call loved ones
christmas shop

Today was my only day off this week until Saturday evening. Monday and Tuesday were doubles (meaning working from 10am to 1am, no break, no time to eat, barely time to pee). I am getting to be very good at multitasking (ever the triathlete). Today, I tried to change my phone number, tried to get my license, finished my x-mas shopping, did my laundry, made christmas cookies, got the mail (!), oh, went to the bank to deposit the most cash I've ever held, and um, folded said laundry. And ate two meals more than I usually do.

The good news? I've lost 12 pounds since Thanksgiving. Okay, okay. That's not really that good, but I can't remember the last time I saw that number. I now make more in a day than I weigh!

So, this is the challenge. 2 doubles under my belt so far. 3 more to go through Saturday. Let's see if I can do it (and stay sane). :) Let's see how much more weight I lose before New Years!

And hopefully, hope hope hopefully, I will find my gym after 1/2, after the freakin holidays are over!

To make it more fun through the next couple days, I'm going to have a guest/ghost blogger for the next few days. She's going to be updating you on my "condition." Join me for the ride! I, more than anyone, cannot freakin' wait until Christmas is here!

Hope you all are well! See you in a few...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Yes, it's true. I'm still alive. I think. :)

I have moved to the lovely state of PA. My apartment is more or less functional (although I have not really been here that much to enjoy it). I have a new job. Training is over. I'm working my butt off (literally), and have lost nearly 5 pounds since starting just two weeks ago.

Since the nature of my work is so physical, I simply haven't had the time or the energy to go to the gym to start a membership. So, it's gonna have to wait until after the holidays. I will get there. And until I do, well... This is base training.

I hope you are all doing wonderfully! I will try to be back (writing after work helps calms my nerves, I'm finding...) more often now. :)