Thursday, October 18, 2007

The wagon is rolling

Heh, check out the workout calendar on the right! I am back on the wagon... have been for weeks now! Quads are coming back, so that's nice.

I love my bike! and, I'm not even talking my beautiful road bike. I love the trail. LOVE it. I even got a little courageous this weekend and drove a little ways to a spot just north of here and then rode my bike all the way to PA and back! Wahoooo!

I also just joined a very cool yoga place. And just started running again (because that was the deal... running = yoga). The teacher pushed pretty hard, but I felt like I had a brand new body by the end of it.

I hope you are all doing well! I'm thinking long term that I might do a half marathon in March... Say the National 1/2 marathon....We'll see!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

In Search Of...

Friends! Yikes, it's lonely down here sometimes.

I had it all planned out. I was going to go to the Catholic singles Fall Food festival (sounds hokey, but I need to meet people!). I called the lady in charge. She didn't get back to me until the day of, but as it turns out the youngest person in the group is... oh... 50. Yeah, not so much.

I recovered by making a BUTT load of food. Beef Stew. Apple Crisp. Tuna Fish Salad for the week. Banana Muffins. I did a bunch of errands (dropped off the recyclables - why oh why can't we figure out how to recycle 3-7s??), and joined a yoga place. Looks super nice. I figure if I want to get back into running, it might be a stellar idea. AND, there will be people there! Then I went for a GREAT trail bike ride. ALmost made it to PA. It was gorgeous.

Came back, got warm, enjoyed the wonderful smells in my house. Made fresh biscuits (not from a container with a plump pilsbury dough boy!) and had a friend over for a wonderful dinner! I finished off the night by watching Alias.

Strange thing about biking all of the time... My quads are coming back. I still have this pervasive TIRED feeling that I would like to get rid of (doctor's appt in the near future). I came home on Friday afternoon and fell right to sleep. As usual, I woke up and didn't know where I was, when it was, whether it was night or day. Kind of freaky, but it's how I wake up every morning.

Funny thing is that it seems like the only thing that helps this feeling is to exercise. Weird. :)

Still looking to join a tri club/bike club/running club. I'm starving for friends that are external to this place. I love it here, don't get me wrong, but I need PEEPS!

I hope you are all doing well! I miss you all so much!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

For all you moms out there

And, I have to say that being a dorm parent is a lot like this.... :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Still here!

Yes, I am still alive. School is CRAZY! But I love it, I really do.

And, I think I have managed to somehow find the happy medium - what I can do vs. what I should do. I have decided that sticking to a rigid schedule right now just isn't going to work for this first year of teaching. It might actually mean giving up triathlon and racing in general for another year. There is just too much to focus on.

This is not to say that I'm sitting around! I have decided that in order to take care of my kids, I need to take care of myself as often as possible. With a rail trail just a mile away, there is no excuse not to exercise! Every chance I get, I grab my mountain bike and head on down for 40-60 minutes of varied paces. If I'm tired, I just go slow. If I feel okay (but was still contemplating a nap - something I haven't done YET!), I go "one-notch-above" what I think would be leisurely. (I'm pretty proud that I've figured out that pace... I can go for a very long time! And, if I'm feeling adventurous, I go pretty darn hard.

The weird thing about the bike is that I've always noticed that the first 5 minutes just suck... no matter what I feel like before starting. There is just no getting around it. I feel drained and my quads feel trashed. I tell myself just to give it a few minutes. And, inevitably 15 minutes later, I'm happily sailing along... Weird stuff! Note: I don't even ride everyday. Right now I'm averaging 3-4 times a week, consistently.

Anyway, I just wanted to share. Life is different now. Really different. I keep hearing that the first year of teaching is the worst... So, I'm just going to put my head down and get through it, and hope that next year I might have a LIFE! :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007


There comes a time when you really cannot deny anymore that you need help. Any help.

Even when it may come in the form of a crazy-fast dude tapering for his first ironman.

I haven't been running. For a while. It shows. I have a nice layer of fluff that I plan on evicting once I get back to school.

So when my buddy Joe asked me if I wanted to run with him, I thought (rightly) that it would probably be pretty ugly.


You could call it a run if you wanted to, but honestly (and I told him this), I felt like a human being walked by a dog. He kindly gave me a beautiful tour of Brookline, and we passed by JFK's birthplace... I wondered how appropriate it would be for me to perish on the spot...

So, I saw him again tonight (somehow managed to drag my quads to a wonderful Korean Dinner). Turns out "we" ran 9:41 pace for 3.1 miles. Hah. *there were a couple of breaks, I do have to say....*

So, I'll quit my griping. It's within my power to change. I just needed his help.

Right now I'd just like to have a big ole country ham. :-)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Moving day is here

Hey everyone!

So, I'm back from the cruise and I'm the big 3-0 today!!!! Wooo Hoooo! And, I'm moving tomorrow! Craziness, let me tell you....

But I'm super excited... I can't begin to explain it, but I just hope that this job is all that it promises to be. I know it's going to be a busy first year, but I'm no stranger to hard work. And, I'm soooo excited to be finally getting on a schedule so I can plan my workouts better. It's time to get that part of me back. Time to lose those 10 lbs. For good.

So, it'll be a while (but it looks like lately I've been on here once a month :)... But I hope that you are all doing well! LCAR folks, I will try to post more, I promise!

Over and OUT!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Fantastic DAY!

So, it's been a super productive day for me so far!!!

I did my laundry, showed my apartment, folded laundry, went to the bank, ironed my work shirts, put laundry away (you may be laughing at this, but sometimes it just sits in the basket.), vacuumed my car out (MESS!), ate a nice lunch, worked on Ch.3 (didn't realize that was kind of a long chapter... I'm just one lesson away from finishing), AND (get this!) went for a run!!! And, researched banks AND got boxes to pack from the nearby liquor store.

I'm en fuego!!!! WOW! I feel great.

I hope you are all super productive today too! It must be this great 80 degree weather or something.... :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Making some progress

Okay, so I got off work for tonight, came home and decided to be productive with my "gift of time." I canceled my phone, my gas, and my electric for my current apartment. Also canceled my UHaul, since now I have a wonderful moving company coming. Also talked to my landlord. And my mom... handled a crisis and tried to tell her how LUCKY we are... Really we have nothing to be upset about!

Then, I settled down to do some real work. Finished a lesson plan, and then finished a homework packet for all of Chapter 1 (don't worry, folks, I'm almost finished chapter 3's lesson plans). Doesn't feel a lot better, but I think I realized that this, like training for a marathon, has to be done one little bit at a time.

Tomorrow my goal is to finish Chapter 3, and do the homework set for Chapter 2. AND to get a workout in.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summer is almost over!

Gah! So, it just dawned on me today. I really only have 3 weeks until I move. There is the end of this week, then next week is my LAST week at HZ , and then I leave for my cruise to Bermuda the very next day (I know... poor me!). Then I get back, have 4 days to pack... GAH!

Major meltdown going on now. Because I just realized just HOW much work I have to do. Ohmygosh. I think it's too much. Yesterday, I was so paralyzed by it, I did nothing. That's just how I roll. Clam up, Ostrich. Denial. You name it.

Deep Breath. So, of course now, I want to go workout. Too late! I had my chance. Blew it.

On a positive note, I have successfully finished rereading Harry Potter #6 so I'm all ready to read #7 when it arrives next week (hopefully before the cruise!!!). I'm just going to have to avoid civilization until I read the whole thing. Can't WAIT!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back, sorta!

Well, I'm giving this another shot. It might be short lived, but it's funny how many complaints I got when I shut it down. Thanks, guys.

I have started a new blog, just for my hs friends, and that is strictly off limits... but, I guess I need to go into update mode, see if this is still for me. I haven't needed to post, because working out (except for general fitness) and racing was put on the biggest backburner of all time. Mainly because I needed to find a job.

Lots and lots of news, first.

I found a job. It's a wonderful job, and I honestly cannot wait to start it! I am now officially a Chemistry teacher. What a great ring that has, and I can definitely say it's something I'm very proud of.

Racing... Meh. I'm trying to get something (ANYTHING) on that calendar, but a few things have to fall in place first before that happens. I think I've learned that if nothing is on the calendar, nothing will be done! Triathlon might be out for the year, but I'm thinking about a running race... Might be fun to get back to my roots, so to speak!

So, I hope you are all having a great summer, and racing your hearts out for me! I'll try to post every now and then!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Day 2

Well, I made it through my second day. Phew.

I'm blessed with very good kids. Sometimes they get out of hand, but by and large, it's been fun. And, I never realized how great it would be to hear the words, "Miss TriZilla"!

This blog is going to be set aside for a while. There is no real training going on, and there will not be until... well until I'm not drowning in real life. I'm happy now, just very challenged, and I need every spare second to get caught up.

It might only be a few days, who knows!

I have this race thing on Sunday.... It's going to be fun. I've made up my mind. Just fun.

Maybe next week I'll be able to settle in a bit! Here's hoping! Hope you are all doing well.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Too Close.

What a tragedy. What senseless destruction.

It touches our lives daily. It makes us struggle to find sense. Reason.

This time came a little too close. Too close.

I panicked. I prayed. I called (wanting to know, but afraid). No breath.

And that wonderful sigh of relief came when I heard he was ok.

My heart goes out to those that do not get that sigh. That will forever have to wonder why.

Monday, April 16, 2007


and it's a doosey!!!

Lotsa news:

- I'm living in PA now. In case you didn't know.

-I escaped grad school. It's been 6 lovely months now. I'm moving forward.

-I got a job!!!! I am now a teacher (or will be for the next 2 months) in Chemistry in a local High School. I'm soooo excited (and scared). My first day is Wednesday.

-I'm doing a triathlon this Sunday. Should be fun since i think the last time i was in a pool was February. Haven't biked in a while, and certainly not 16 miles. Eh! Oh well! Should be interesting, at the very least. Anyway, I'm there for my friend. It's her first!

Hmm, I guess that's it for now! I'll keep you posted on how my first day goes... Back to lesson plans!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Getting Back...

How many times does this happen... Derailment followed by getting back on the wagon. But, I have to say that getting back into the swing of things feels so so good!

I figured out that my body does not like running two days in a row. I've finally run 3 times in a week with NO pain. You have no idea what a blessing that feels like right now. (Well, maybe you do.) :)

So, I've scrapped the 1/2 marathon, and I'm using the next 3 weeks to get in tri mode. Good thing, since there's a tri scheduled on 4/22. Don't worry, Karen, I'll be there. It might be ugly (small fields make me nervous...), but I'll get there.

Lessee, in other news, I got the stitches taken out of my finger. I'll post pics if you want... let me know. I was also just recently certified to substitute teach... and since I can't get fingerprinted for the FBI clearance yet, it looks like I'll be going to the city first. GAH! Should be interesting, to say the least, folks!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


One run.

Just me.

No watch, no ipod.

It felt good to go slow and enjoy the weather.
It felt great to feel my legs carry me.

I'm not going to even think about races or anything right now. Just being good to myself.

(So as a reward, I'm enjoying a strawberry, banana, oj smoothie! YUM!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

What am I doing?

Ugh. Not a good time, right now. And, I hate it. It's spring time, things are supposed to be getting better.

I'm job hunting. It feels hopeless.

I'm not working out. At. all. Haven't for 2 weeks. Don't feel like it.

I don't want to get out of bed.

It will get better, I know. It has too.

But in the meantime, I'm watching my race schedule get shorter and shorter. The 1/2 Mary is not going to happen. Wow. At this rate, I'm not going to be racing at all this summer.

Monday, March 19, 2007

i can't win

short one here... mainly b/c typing is at a minimum...

i managed to slice well into my left index finger yesterday afternoon...

5 stitches and a few darvocet later... i'd like my break now, please!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Frustration Strikes Again

Well, this week, I've been side-lined ONCE MORE by something that felt frighteningly like a heel spur. I'm guessing that this came on the heels (ha ha) of my last run... too much too fast. This is getting old, old, OLD. I can honestly say that I've never had this many problems with injuries...

And it's getting scary. I have a race in six short weeks. A big race. One that I can't just show up to and hope everything turns out okay. Beyond that, I have the biggest race thus far in August. And there is no base. None. Every time I get going again, I have some other annoying injury that needs rest and ice. I'm really not sure what to do.

Meaning... I'm starting to think that I can't do the 1/2 marathon. I need a rhythm. I need to get it going. I just seem to be going in so many other directions right now.

Deep Breath. Ok. Well, it is what it is. I'm actively searching for a job. That is showing some promise, but honestly it's like having a second job. It takes time. It takes workout time, some days.

Well, the good news is that after three days of rest, ice and ibuprofen, my foot feels great. I'm glad I didn't run yesterday, as that would have been pushing it. I need to figure out the cause of all of these problems.

1. Too much too soon. Pretty sure this is the cause of the PF and shin splints before, but I was trying so hard to be careful this time... Maybe I just can't do speed work until after the 1/2 Mary...

2. Not enough variety. Or not enough stretching. I know I function better with yoga. I didn't go this week.

3. Not enough focus. Or not the right focus. Perhaps PRs aren't the way to go this year... Maybe I should just enjoy the experience and get settled with job stuff.

4. Shoes? Nah...just got new ones, they seemed better.

5. Current job is very physically demanding already... It could be that the demanding nature of speed work (or sometimes any workout) might just be too much (ack! it sounds like I'm getting old!) I've finally gotten to the point where my legs and body don't ache morning, noon, and night just from working. That's progress. Perhaps I just need to take it more slowly for now.

So, where to go from here:
Foot is better. I will get to the gym tomorrow and run for 30 minutes. Do stretching and crunches. I will eat a good diet and drink water. Focus needs to be injury prevention and consistent base building. Speed work needs to wait, me thinks.

Okay, thanks for reading through that. I was in a bad spot. It's going to be fine, but coach, I could use a phone call :)

I hope every one had a wonderful St. Patty's day!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

So Far, So Good

So far, it's been a good week. I've gone running 2 times (little or NO foot or shin discomfort), and I started that new class, PiYo - I felt like I was in heaven when I left!

Eating and sleeping are going moderately well.

As far as the time goal goes... Err, well, I dunno. Maybe I should start thinking about that in a week or so after I'm back into the swing of things...

I hope all of your weeks are going well, and that you are braving the snow/cold well. Here in PA, the state has shut down again due to the whopping 3" of snow we received this am. :) It is beautiful, though.

I cannot WAIT to get on my bike again!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Interesting Night

Whew, what a night. I honestly felt like I jumped down the rabbit hole tonight. It's amazing what too much alcohol and stupidity will do to a person. Thankfully, I was sober. Boy, ppl can be dumb. I had to actually yell at a good friend. I hate doing that. I'm already feeling old.

But it gave me pause enough to think about what I'm doing with this 1/2 marathon coming up. Thanks, Joe, for your words. It can still be done. I think that's what I needed. A little hope.

I realized that I need to be kinder to my body. I met my goals for last week. I got to bed almost every night by midnight and got up (spontaneously the past two days!) at 8:15-8:30. It's good to have that back under control.

Eating is ehhh. Better, though. I'm back into my mode of eating only what I take to work, so that's a great start.

I also realized that I need to have a fluid schedule, seeing as my work hours change day to day. So, I mapped out a strategy for this coming week. We'll see how it pans out.

So, I'm going to follow Crackhead's strategy and set up some managable goals for this coming week:
  • In bed by 12. Up at 8:15 - 8:30.
  • Follow a flexible schedule. Rest days when I work 12-15 hour shifts (duh).
  • Focus on good eating habits.
  • Get excited about my time goal (and figure out what that is).
I think that's good for now. I have a lot of other things going on right now, so I'll keep it simple.

Friday, March 02, 2007


Ok. Phew. I guess I just needed to vent or something.

It's nothing that a hot bath and a good night's rest didn't cure.

That, and I just got my gym's publication in the mail today. I asked a while ago about these pilates/yoga classes they have and was told that even with my super membership that I'd have to pay extra. I was *not* happy, knowing that my body is SO tight right now, and also knowing that the cure to that tightness was being held in front of my nose.

Until today.

I opened up the gym publication (nicely done, just a lot of typos) and read grudgingly about the class... until I get to the part that it's FREE for fitness/pool members! FREE! What a wonderful word!

I called just to make sure. :) There is hope after all.

So, that's my focus, along with getting to bed by midnight and getting up at 8:30. Let's see how it goes...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

This is really not good.

Not good at all.

My eating is out of control.

Every time I run I get twinges of PF and shins.

The new shoes I just got suck.

I feel terrible.

I can't seem to find balance in my life.

Let alone discipline to go to bed and get up and to effing PUT THE FORK DOWN!!!!!!!

I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to be able to run a half marathon in 8 weeks.

Oh yeah. And then there's timberman.

Forgive me for being negative but right now things SUCK.

suckity suck suck.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Getting back on the wagon

Here I am again...
More discipline.

That's all I need. And more sleep. Less screwing around. Less being fearful of what I really can do.

So, I went for my second run this week. 45 minutes. Was beautiful, but not a lot of fun besides that as it seems that my HRM is broken (whatever, man), and I'm a snad out of shape due to the shin splint hiatus. But if it gets me to my goal, so be it. Going to try a 60 min run on Monday. Fingers crossed folks!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I've had it!

Okay, before you all yell at me...

I couldn't take it anymore. I was turning into that bearded-goat-woman-from-hell. I needed to run.

AND, I actually LOOKED at my shin the other night... Turns out the sucker was bruised, probably from me slamming around at work. Bruised right on the bone.

You can see from my workout log, that I was a good patient. I haven't really run for over a week. I've been resting, and icing, and praying. I think I'm good

So, I did it! And it felt great!!! Now I'm stretching my butt off, and hoping that I have dodged a bullet. :)

Also, Rocket Pants and Random Moments... I'm giving serious thought to doing Ashland on 6/17... Whaddya say?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Life is going well, I suppose. It's busy though, and this current job does not give me a whole lot of free time to get stuff done.

PA got slammed with a nasty storm this week. As I was "shoveling" through 3" of sleet and freezing rain (while it was snowing), I was cursing that darn pink line that PA always seems to get stuck in. It *was* a super workout for my back though...

In other news, I have a very slight shin splint. I've had them before, but never had any sensation so close to the bone. So I'm resting it as much as possible (when I'm not shoveling). The last thing I need now is a stress fracture.

Has anyone ever had these? How much pain is it really? I honestly am not sure if I'm being a baby or not.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Race Plan?

Well, it's finally coming to fruition... The ever looming race plan. For once, I let it go until the end of January... Kind of freakish actually.

Workouts are going well. Still struggling a bit with PF, but icing and stretching seem to be keeping it at bay. Doesn't help that my uber nice gel inserts I use for work POPPED the other night. Gah. Suckers are supposed to be guaranteed for life or some such nonsense.

So, to be fair, I only know of three races so far. The others depend on timing (i.e. How fast can I run to make it in time to be in a friend's wedding... Probably not that fast, eh?)

4/22 - Tri for Kid's Sake (Sprint)
4/29 - Runners' World Half Marathon (was my first, for you long time readers...)
8/19 - Timberman Half Ironman

There will likely be some olys thrown in there... maybe a few other running races. For now, I'm trying to tame my bread eating (it's the only thing at work that satiates the hunger), and focusing on toning this new body. Thankfully the weight loss has stabilized!

Hope you are all doing well, and that your builds are going smashingly!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My new dessert

It's ALmost better than chocolate. I could eat a million of them, but want to stop after one.

They are fun to peel.

So juicy.

Not an orange, but it's kissing cousin.

The GRAPEFRUIT!!! So super yummy! I think I'm hooked for life.

Anyway, just had to share! (and, no i'm not on the grapefruit diet, I just think they are super duper yummy! And fun to eat in sections WITHOUT sugar!)


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Let me paint a picture...

Sometimes the best runs are spontaneous, beautiful works of art.

I started out this morning. The sky was grey, and I knew it was going to be windy. I was tired, and was soooo tempted to hit the snooze button one more time, knowing that if I did I would miss the bus.

But I didn't. And I'm oh so glad.

I decided to strike out on a new path. I wound my way toward town, along the strip mall, and then made a quick left. Suddenly it was as if I had left that old crazy world behind. The car dealership was replaced by silos. The pizza shop was now a farm. I was in heaven. It was warm (but not too warm). The breeze blew through my hair.

I crossed the railroad tracks with Alison Krauss playing in my ear. And then I saw them. Big beautiful green fields, covered with sea gulls. Still. Eating breakfast. As I came up to them, they started to fly low to the ground next to me... first one, then two, then 10, then 20... hovering just inches above the ground. I felt as though I had taken flight.

I hope you all get a chance to "take flight" this week. I can't wait to revisit this run. I know it won't be the same again, but just the memory of today's magic will make it special every time I return.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Since Christmas...

Ok, ok, get over the shock. I'm back. For today. I've found that that's all I can promise for now. Some things have been hard lately, but unfortunately there is no rest for the wicked. I said I had to figure my life out, and that is what I've been trying to do. So, bear with me... :)

Some good news, though...

-The drastic weight loss has slowed (never thought I'd say that was a good thing, but nearly 20 pounds later...). I'm still losing, but I'd like to think that I'm eating better (i.e. eating at all) and replacing a bit of the muscle I'm sure I lost.

-I'm in a great routine of getting to the gym. I love it there. There are sometimes 3 or 4 spin classes A DAY. And a tri club. And a masters team. And, and, and...

-I'm thinking again about the job search (since I actually have the time to do it).

-But first I'm reading a great book: Now discover your strengths by Marcus Buckingham. I don't have time to do the tag (sorry Rocketpants), but if you have a chance to read this book, DO IT. We, in our society, find so much more time to focus on strengthening our weaknesses... Why not focus on making our strengths STRONGER? Loving it so far.

-I'm ALL ABOARD for Timberman. Eating (better). Working out (loving it). It feels good to be back, ya'll.