Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's all about me

Well, that's not usually what I say, but right now, I think it has to be about me. When the world starts crumbling (or it seems to be!), I look inward. There are things that can be done. Maybe starting my day with a workout will help me be more cheerful about life in general.

I did it this morning. Literally POPPED out of bed at the thought of running with a friend (the other key). Ran 2 miles and even lifted some weights, and then made a plan with A. to meet at 6AM Mondays and Wednesdays to workout together. Amazing.


Danielle said...

Good for you! NOTHING bad can come from a day that begins with a good workout!! (I used to have a shirt that read "what can you expect of a day that begins with getting up in the morning" I like my little change to it!)

Andy said...

It should be all about you! Also, don't take other's comments too seriously. I know it is hard, but just go and and run it off or whatever with a workout. You know you are doing a good job.